Can I buy a flamingo?

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Dear flamingo lovers, we are sure that it would be absolutely fabulous to own a pink flamingo and keep them in your backyard, but unfortunately, we have to inform you - that owning one would be illegal.

It's not just a matter of buying, it is having one. They are no longer wild in the U.S. and they are very close being endangered. We are very sad to say, that this is mostly because of us, humans - we've destroyed their habitat over time.

Most people do not even know what they eat and expect that they would know what's right for these birds. Their diet is very exotic. They eat shrimps, insect larvae, small fish and algae - and they need to eat it in their natural habitat. Like other wild birds, flamingo's are accustomed to drinking from running streams and rivers and it is cruel to have such a free-roaming animal drink out of a bowl.

Flamingo natural habitats and shelters

Unless you own a land in Florida or anywhere in the States (or in the World) which is their natural environment (with a lake or water) it would be heartless to keep one. And you say one, would you deprive a wild animal of its colony to have "just one"? We believe its very cruel and sad.

As large birds, they need a wide open space, so they can fly. Could you possibly keep one that would be allowed room to fly? if you have an opportunity to purchase them, we are begging you to consider the consequences. As much as you like these animals (like we do), you have to do what's right for them and you have to consider their needs first.

If you are in love with flamingos, like we are, have in mind that with every purchase of any product in the store, you are participating in collecting donation for Flamingo shelters preservation. We dedicate 10% of our profit (of each purchase) to help these lovely birds.

Visit our store at Online shop and help us raise donations!

Love Flamingos. Save Flamingos.

P.S. Owning an illegal animal can bring harsh fines and confiscation of the animal. 

By Mary M.

June, 2017

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